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2011 Big 10 Schedule

There will be 2 divisions this year in the Big 10 schedule.
ANYONE can shoot all 10 shoots. " BUT" for the teams that are going to be in the tour chase for the Championship, will need to decide which region they want to be in either the EAST or the WEST.
*You MUST decide before the 2nd shoot of that region, which one you want to be in.*
You will only have to shoot 4 of the 5 lakes in the region you choose, also your points will only count for the region you shot in.

The top 3 teams from each region will be in the battle for the Prize money & the tour championship on July 16th.

For more information on this go to or contact Andy, David, Matt or Andrew.

Lakes on Tour:
Mountain Island Neck Road Access, March 19- East
Lake Wylie South Point Access, March 26th- West
Lake Norman Long Island Access, April 9th West
High Rock To be announces April 16th East
Lake Jordan Farrington Point May 14th West
Lake Norman McCaray Creek May 21st. East
Lake Badin Lakemont Access May 28th West
TuckerTown Flat Creek Access June 4th East
Lake Hickory Lovelady Access June 11th West
Lakke Tillery Swift island Access June 18th East
BIG 10 Championship Shoot Out ** July 16th

** 2nd. Annual STATE SHOOT LAKE GASTON JULY 23rd.2011 **

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Do not know if we will be on Gaston for the State shoot. The permit we had last year for the grassies was probably a one time deal. Andy is working on the logistics for the shoot. Do not have confirmation right now of where it will be but I will find out asap. Keep a check here and on our website and we will get it posted. Thanks and look foward to seeing everyone.
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