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Texas Outlaw series 2011

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Texas Outlaw Tournament Series 2011

Mar. 12 – Amistad (Hwy 277 North)
Mar. 26 – Canyon (Potter Creek park)
May 14 – Choke Canyon (Mason Point)
June 4 – Coleto Creek (State Park)
June 25 – Buchanan (Llano Co / Black rock park)

All tournaments will be TBA sanctioned (sanction fee will come out of registration)

Format: Numbers / Big 5

Payout: 50% to Numbers and 50% to Big 5

(More places will be added if enough boats attend)

2 – 3 man teams

$60.00 per boat

All boats allowed (subject to lake restrictions)

Trailering allowed

Awards for
1st – 3rd place Numbers;
1st – 3rd place Big 5;
Top Female shooter;
Top Youth shooter

Tournament Directors:
Walter Blackburn-- 210-818-8047--- [email protected]
Chuck [email protected]
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We'll be looking for you Jason. You and Mad Max need to come down to Amistad. The Tilapia should be spawning around that time!
Love shooting it, but with the cost of diesel these days I cant justify it.
MY Team will make all of those just not canyon.
Tell your partner he can get married ANYTIME! Not right to miss a tournament just to get married!! :)
Didnt realize choke fell on the same weekend as babes on the bay. Count me out on that one.
You need to get your priorities straight!! :jd:

You KNOW your Daddy-in-Law is watching this thread!! :shocked:
Its his Daughter who is fishing the Babes tourney.
Drag that old boat out of mothballs Charlie!
Amistad is just a few weeks away! I know you like shooting that lake.
Im going to try making Amistad, got to mount my lights and get geared up.
MY Team will make all of those just not canyon.

Dont be scared Matt!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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