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The BAA Site is back

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And up and running. :tu: Hopefully all these little hiccups are behind us :pray:
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guys and gals,
the site is up, and still under construction......we wanted to get it up as soon as we were able to so we could get a fresh look to the BAA......there are still things that will be added as we go, but since BFC crashed, it has been the main focus and should be......there are still things to be added to the BAA site, and will be as time goes, and is permitted......BFC is the leader in bowfishing and bowfishermen and women being able to communicate from different regions, and is a great place for new people to come in and ask questions as well as learn new techniques and where to get equipment plus what all is, bear with us in the coming months for additions to be made....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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