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Is this the ultimate bow fishing boat?

My buddy Micky was nice enough to show me around his 1768 tunnel hull bowfishing boat!

Is this the ultimate set up? Or is their anything else he should add or do differently?

He is also having trouble keeping his LED lights running. He has to replace them about once a year due to some of them going out. Is there a brand that will not have this problem? If so what brand have you had luck with?

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Thanks for your time and as always
Tight lines
Decked Out Jon Boats

The ultimate bowfishing boat tour! - 1768 Tunnel hull "Under the deck"

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Airboat has it place!
Troller boat has it place.
Fan can be bad ass, but has it place.
Kickers are nice, but again has it place!
Hope this help!!!!:pillows::shh:
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