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I have.always been a little... Enthralled, i suppose you could say, by the idea of bowfishing. Mostly cuz I took archery before and that sh*t is HARD to do, though aiming anything has never been my strong point. In fact it's right up there with my directional sense. (Why yes, I HAVE gotten lost going in a straight line before, how did you know? To be fair I was driving down a dark road at night and missed my exit making me keep going in a straight line when I shouldn't have, but still. I had to call my niece and get directions home because I got lost going in a straight line馃槚 embarrassing) I can aim a bow though, I wondered if what you guys would recommend as the best starting gear for someone who is probably never going to be in any sort of pro league, but does take her fishing very seriously.
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