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Ok, so being really new to the sport and seing the threads about tying to the back or slides, it got me thinking. I have used a spinner tied to the back for carp/gar/suckers/catfish and I used a retriever in the Chesapeake going after rays.

I guess my question is; Is one better suited for specific types of fish? If you are used to using one, is there any types of fish that you would switch to the other to go after? Like, if you are used to shooting a spinner at longnose, is there a fish you you would consider switching to a retriever or even a float rig to go after?

For any of you who use both, what causes you to switch between one or the other?

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the only time i switch to a retriever is when using a float......
Yep same here...the only time I will use a float rig is on the river where I know a big gador Gar can swim up in and around underneath and back over damn logs...most of the time I still use a spinner and I just cut the line and tie a water bottle to the end...
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