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WTB: Hull, trailer and outboard package

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I am looking for a boat package to start with in Indiana or neighboring states. I would like a hull, trailer and outboard but I would take just the hull and outboard. I am not looking to spend a fortune so I would love to see what I could get under $3k.
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Are there any certain specs you are looking for...length, width, platform?
I am looking at a couple boats right now. I dont want to go shorter than 16 and 48 is the smallest width i would like.. Platform would be nice.
Where in Indiana are you located?
I agree with you on the length and width thing....You want the boat to be stable and run level in the water, but funny enough...I've seen a few 18-20 ft boats out there that look great floating, but as soon as you add a platform and 2 bodies up front...nose dive!?
Yeah I would like a Mod V with a light aluminum deck.. Are you interested in a central Indiana bowfishing series? Tournaments count for points and there is a Plaque and money given to the top team in the series? I am looking into organizing a series and hosting 4-6 tournaments, combination of lakes and rivers, days and nights to make a very interesting series.
ky bighead did have a nice lookin boat dunno if that be to far from ya or not ya may pm him and see what he gots goin
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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